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Lead Generation

One of the biggest challenges work from home Entrepreneurs are faced with is Lead Generation.

There are two paths they can take when looking for prospects, purchasing leads or generating their own.

Purchased Leads

Purchased leads can be a costly move, depending on the type of lead you buy.

Some leads, such as real-time surveyed leads, can run as high as $10 each. Email leads can be snatched up for a lot less money, but they are generally older, and have a much lower conversion rate.

Since a majority of work from home Entrepreneurs are on a limited budget, they usually opt for generating their own leads.

Self Lead Generation

So along with promoting your actual business opportunity, as an Entrepreneur, you must also be in the business of generating leads.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, there is an upside.

Many lead generation platforms include the chance to create a revenue stream. This is great news because building a profitable online business relies on having multiple streams of income.

As a work from home Entrepreneur, the best advice is to seek out all possible methods of lead generation. By doing this, lead generation will no longer be a challenge, it will be a blessing.